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daughter as they rode bikes in concord accepted responsibility for his actions. the teenager changed his plea from not guilty to guilty and attempted to apologize to the family. was it too little too late? jodi hernandez was in the courtroom for the hearing. >> reporter: it was a court hearing filled with surprises and with a lot of tears as a teenager who struck and killed a father and daughter last april changed his plea to guilty and tried to apologize. >> i know everydy out there is a parent. >> she's lost a husband and a daughter. but hearing the teenage driver who struck and killed them admit he's guilty only added to her pain. that 17-year-old pleaded guilty this morning to two counts of vehicular manslaughter and one count of reckless driving,
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admitting he was driving 72 miles an hour in a 45-mile-an-hour zone when he struck 41-year-old soulman neary and odessa. >> we're going to go home whatever sentence he gives and deal with this the rest of our lives. >> the teen's attorneys say the boy is remorseful and has written apology letters to the family, letters the boy's attorney will hand over once the case is resolved. when the teen stood up in court the family objected saying that is something they are not ready to hear. >> we understand that that's a good thing that he's realized what he's done, but it rings a bit hollow to us because she is now without her husband and without her daughter and now at this state he has now apologized and i can't help but think it's
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because he feels that will benefit him. >> he did want to apologize immediately after he admitted his guilt but the family attorney didn't want him to do it. he wants to express his remorse. >> the family's pain is still unbearable, story nury misses her daughter and husband's hugs and smiles. >> everybody's a parent, everybody's a wife, everybody's a brother. put yourself in my shoes when you tell me how would you feel. because that's how i feel. >> i think this is a just outcome. he has pled to everything he's charged with, admitted responsibility, and he's taken into custody. so i mean, there is nothing more we could have asked for. >> reporter: the boy's attorney says he's undergoing therapy to try to deal with what he's done. he will be sentenced october 22. he faces more than seven years
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behind bars because he is a juvenile he can only be held until he is 21. jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. new tonight at 6:00, the 11-year-old boy shot last week when a barrage of bullets pierced the walls of his family's home walked back into the house this afternoon. luis hernandez spent the last six days recovering after being shot while sleeping in his own bed last thursday in oakland. doctors decided not to remove the bullet lodged in his chest. but they do say he is expected to make a full recovery. the boy underwent five surgeries, he is happy to be home but is too afraid to sleep in his room. >> my mom told me to sleep in my sister's room because no bullets went in her room and it's more comfortable in there. >> the family has since patched up the bullet holes in the walls. the investigation continues. police say the house may have been mistakenly targeted but no
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arrests have been made. >> it's a long journey for justice. now a walnut creek woman is suing for allegedly ignoring allegations of sexual abuse by a teacher and a coach. chris, we've been following this case for many years. >> we have and there are new details all of the time and a lot of new details. the bottom line is that this woman says that had the school district done what it was supposed to do, years ago, at least one of the teachers who abused her would not have had the opportunity to. kristin, a swim coach, file add civil suit against the school district, the assistant principal, the principal and the superintendent at the time who are now retired. she says she was molested by a science teacher when she was 14 years old, then confided in that teacher on the screen, her p.e. teacher, she began stalking and
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sexually assaulting her. that teacher is serving an 8-year sentence. then another student was allegedly raped by the same science teacher in 1990, was brave enough to write to the school district detailing that abuse in 1994, even gave her name as her phone number and then she learned that letter was basically ignored. so she realized if the district had done the things it was supposed to when it learned of the prior incidents one of her attackers would not have been around when she attended the same school. >> that letter just broke my heart. i felt like first of all i felt really proud of whoever that girl is, then second of all i felt like what happened to me could have been stopped. and i want kids to feel like if they are unsafe that they say something that something will happen. >> the lawsuit alleges negligence, conspiracy to commit fraud and intentional infliction
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of emotional distress. this is a civil suit. the district is not commenting on the suit, all three administrators are now retired from the district. kris sanchez, nbc bay area news. >> san mateo police and school leaders met with anxious parents to talk about last week's kidnapping and assault of a 9-year-old girl from her elementary school. the school let out on friday, a man grabbed the girl and carried her off campus. she did manage to escape. at a private meeting parents heard from police and the school about what steps will be taken to protect kids going forward including locking gates and perhaps getting higher fences. they also heard from the parents of the kidnapped girl. >> it's always emotional when you hear the parents speak and you know, obviously the emotions of what could have happened, something much more tragic. >> i feel that they have
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adjusted concerns. it's unfortunate that it happened this way. >> you turn that focus on your children you make sure every parent we're all doing the same thing to protect them. they are innocent kids that it shouldn't be happening. >> police say the suspect may also be linked to crimes at other local schools. >> more violence in san jose, this time a cook is at a local hospital after police say several men attacked him overnight in front of the restaurant where he worked. the assault has people on edge and taking action. damian trujillo joins us on white road on the east side. what now? >> reporter: you know, there are more questions than answers here tonight, raj. this attack was the latest act of violence for a city that has seen its fair share. but this community says it is not going to give up. the bakery is buzzing with news of the tuesday night attack in
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the same strip mall. this man says how can he not be concerned. police are still trying to find the man who attacked the cook atlas palapas. the restaurant is down from the local safeway where a college student was killed in the produce aisle a few weeks ago. >> i'm not surprised that something like that happened. >> adeal runs the gas station next to the restaurant. he says local merchants and residents need to take ownership of their community. >> areas like this i think we can do a lot of improvement in working with law enforcement, if we all work together. >> mahmoud said he is doing his part by beautifying his business with grass and a fresh coat of paint. >> in order to fix this area up that we need to change the face of these businesses. >> thaterned mahmoud a bravo from the president of the story road business association. he witnessed a drive-by shooting
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at another local strip mall and perhaps more shocking to him than the shooting was he was the only one to call 911. >> so i talk to everyone of the merchants at the shopping center. why you didn't call. >> reporter: as a member of the police chief's advisory board he is urging merchants and residents to get involved, be good witnesses and he's not worried about a potential leadership void once the police chief retires in january. >> we just got to continue working on whatever we have. now because of his leaving we're going to leave the things behind. >> reporter: he can't do it alone. especially with a dwindling police force. the community leader says he needs merchants like mahmoud, people willing to fight for their street. and the chief community board will meet on october 11 at gat a loopy church to go over a draft on how to improve community
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policing. damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. pepper spray payout. the spraying sparked outrage. now uc davis is ordered to pay those hurt. this video of the spraying watch as the police officer pepper sprayed protesters during an occupy wall street protest. the university now ordered to pay $1 million total to the demonstrators. that means 21 people named in the suit will each get 30 grand while the attorneys split 250,000. protesters say they are still dealing with the lingering effects from that day. >> pepper spray is unimaginable pain. you feel boiling like your eyes are boiling, your skin is burning, not just initially. i mean throughout the night, the next day. a lot of us suffered from just that. and then the mental and emotional apuce that the university put on us continues
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today. >> the settlement calls for uc to set aside $100,000 to pay others who can prove they were arrested or pepper sprayed that day. the school chancellor is required to issue a written apology to those affected. >> still ahead at 6:00, a seismic shift of opinion. the research challenging beliefs about earthquakes. >> and chevron issues an industry alert as two lawmakers call for action after that massive refinery fire last month. >> potential danger in thousands of bay area homes. >> good evening. i'm jeff ranieri in the weather center, live contrast in temperatures from the south bay into the 60s for san jose. to 81 now in livermore. throughout the next couple of days as temperatures spike, allergy is going to go up as well. [ female announcer ] pillsbury crescents on their own are wonderful
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>> experts say they are dangerous. the nbc bay area investigative unit expose as well known problem to electricians and a secret danger to many homeowners. our chief investigative reporter tony kovaleski spent several months digging and the risks with the federal pacific circuit breakers. >> when they work they are not noticed but when they don't our investigation has found they can cause dangerous fire in your home or business. tonight a close-up look at what can happen when these circuit breakers fail. >> in my opinion they are dangerous. >> experts estimate they are still in hundreds of thousands of bay area homes. >> yeah, it does concern me. they should have been recalled. but i think it's a huge problem. there are so many of them all over the country. >> he's talking about this circuit breaker, manufactured by federal pacific, one of the top sellers and often found in homes built in the 50s, 60s, 70s and
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80s. >> what happens is it will not trip. >> past 300 amp. >> our investigation takes you inside this east bay lab where you'll see how and why the circuit breakers fail. >> we're at a minute and 10 seconds and there is smoking coming out of the breaker. >> there is a definite smoke coming out. >> the sound is incredible. they start buzzing and it's unbelievable. i've seen it four times. it could have killed me. >> the consumer products safety commission has known about the problems for three decades but has elected not to force a recall. federal pacific is now out of business but the breakers remain in millions of homes. tonight at 11:00 we're inviting you to join us as our investigation takes you inside a bay area lab for a look at how these circuit breakers can fail.
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there is a simple way to check out if see if your home has a federal pacific breaker. we have a video demonstration at our website at >> valuable report. we'll see you at 11:00. if you have a tip for our investigative unit give us a call. 888-996-tips. or send us e-mail to the >> chevron wants to make sure the fire that took place last month doesn't happen somewhere else. the company warns the rest of the industry about the problem pipe which was the root of the cause. the leak and fire sent thousands of residents to the hospital and forced a huge facility off line. now chevron is issuing an industry alert about the corrosion in the pipe which failed. the plant manager has revealed the pipe was manufactured with a low level of silicone, allowing the metal to corrode faster than expected. the pipe was inspected the flaw
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wasn't reported. two lawmakers called for a state hearing on the refinery fire. >> to a story we brought you last night. we're getting a closer look at the architectural discovery in san francisco. >> crews discovered the remnants of san francisco's original city hall. joe shows us what clues they could hold. >> reporter: a stroll around san francisco civic center will reveal plenty of history from statues to its buildings. but it took a bit of shoveling to reveal history beneath the feet. >> we found these when crews started work for some of the landscaping planned for the area. >> reporter: last week crews rehabbing a building for the u.s. general services hit a patch of bricks. turns out they were remnants of the city's early years. >> what we have are some of the remaining foundation for old
6:18 pm
city hall which was destroyed in the quake and fire of 1906. >> reporter: the devastating quake left the 9-year-old city hall in ruins, archaeologist rebecca carver believe it belongs to one of the few parts that didn't collapse. >> what we're seeing here is just the very top of what would have been the foundation for the eastern most part of san francisco's old city hall. >> construction on old city hall started in 1872, with delays and bickering stretched the work over 25 years. >> by the time it was finished it had been built in stages and there's differences in construction techniques. >> reporter: because of that one historian wants to better understand why that part of city hall survived. >> these foundations give us some clue how it was built differently that we'll determine as we compare what we learn about these foundations to foundations found elsewhere.
6:19 pm
>> reporter: old city hall was a vast complex on what had been the site after cemetery. other parts of the foundation were discovered during construction near the library and asian art museum. >> that's one thing i like having this here, people can see there is history literally beneath our feet. >> once the site is analyzed it will be buried again taking its tale back to the grave. joe rosato jr., nbc bay area news. >> a seismic change for seismologists. for decades they insisted that one major earthquake does not set off another earthquake somewhere else. well, the massive earthquake in april has changed their minds. scientists at uc-berkeley and in menlo park launched a study and found there were five times more earthquakes worldwide in the weeks that followed. they counts 16 measuring 5.5 or greater.
6:20 pm
normally there would be one. they now theorize the waves don't rattle others but they disturb them enough to slip and shake. >> jeff, i understand you've got information on that earthquake in alaska in the western islands. >> over two hours we did get reports 6.4 magnitude earthquake close to adax, alaska. happening at 4:39 pacific time no. tsunami warning, the aleutian islands, that's great news and no tsunami warning in the bay area. we're going to continue to monitor after shocks as we know those can be strong. if you are new to the bay area or from earthquake country this can seem common sense but something to remember. if you're out doors when an earthquake happens, stay outside, move away from buildings and once that shaking
6:21 pm
does stop you still want to stay out in the open. most injuries are caused from falling debris. if there is an earthquake and you're inside to not try to run out either. that's the drop, cover and hold comes in. a lot to think about as there is a 100% of an earthquake happening somewhere in the world each and every day. we have plenty of warmth across southern california. 50s and 60s with the fog building back at the bay. for the east bay, a huge contrast. if you're driving around in pleasanton, livermore, it's remarkable. we have 68 in pleasanton, then livermore 81. the onshore flow in oakland, hayward, dropping our temperatures. out to the fog, what you see in san francisco, we are fogged in tonight, we may have a few airport delays as we head into tomorrow morning but the story is going to be quickly changing. let's show you why. high pressure building across a lot of the west.
6:22 pm
is going to warm us up not only thursday but for friday, saturday and even on sunday. it will be a drying off wind, temperatures 10 to 15 degrees above average. that will also increase quite a bit of that fire weather here across most of our local hills especially saturday and sunday. tomorrow not so bad. temperature near 80. interior values about 90 degrees. we'll start to see larger increases as we head throughout saturday with plenty of low 90s. we'll let you know when we could get close to 100 degrees coming up later on. >> okay. it's going to get hot. they are small, cheap and can be parked pretty much anywhere. the first of its kind service and the connection to smart phones. >> a simple engagement photo leads to controversy. why a guy couple is filing a lawsuit. >> making sure supermarkets have healthy food. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow. you guys have it easy.
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>> before wetically think of giving food to the needy, inventory is down by 50%. the food bank says typically it has as much as a million pounds on hand this time of year but so far the supply is less than 600,000 pounds and dropping. the food bank's director says all they need, they need all the help they can get. >> engaging in food drives that are going on, they can send checks for every $1 we provide $4 of food. it's important also to let your legislator know that you do not want supplemental nutrition programs to be cut. >> the food bank representatives says food drive donations have nearly run out and they are hoping cooler weather and the holidays will inspire people to break out their wallets. >> a san francisco supervisor known for his ban on happy meal
6:26 pm
toys is at it. he introduce add new proposal that would create a healthy food retailer incentives program in the city. it would ensure there are adequate amount of grocery stores with fresh fruit and vegetables, especially in low income neighborhoods. it would analyze which areas are in most need and figure out how to get more retailers in the areas. >> the first network of shared electric scooters is available in san francisco. you can rent the scooters at the caltrain station and at garages nearby in the area. fifth and mission, ninth and bryant and second and brannen streets. the scooters owned by scoot networks are operated by kluging in iphone or android smart phone in the dashboard which then will start it up. riders need to download an app. they are available for 5 bucks an hour. they hope this will reduce traffic. >> still ahead at 6:00 a referee reality check.
6:27 pm
we'll examine the finances behind the referee lockout. >> it's considered a must win state for mitt romney but it's now out of reach or is it. we'll have the latest from the campaign trail. plus -- >> coming up i'll show you how parents are fighting back after seeing an increase of prostitutes outside this san jose elementary school.
6:28 pm
6:29 pm
>> prostitutes near the playground. parents say it's happening near washington elementary school in san jose. >> not just at night but actually during school hours. marianne favro joins us with a look at the problem and what parents are doing. they have to be outraged. >> reporter: they certainly are. they say it's been going on for months. more than 100 parents plan to walk this neighborhood tomorrow night to raise awareness about the prostitution problem here. they say that hookers are doing
6:30 pm
business right in front of this school. school's out at washington elementary in san jose. parents are on edge worried what their kids will see on the way home. too often they see prostitutes. >> they happen in the day, in the night, all the time. you can see ladies walking in the street. >> alicia grew up in this neighborhood and can't believe the changes. >> it worries me, these kids are starting to see these things that they shouldn't be seeing. it's happening all over these streets. these prostitutes are walking in front of my house. >> reporter: parents say some kids have picked up condoms, mistaking them for balloons. >> for the children i'm not sure what they do in parked cars and stuff like that. i noticed like dirty condoms in the street. kids play at. >> reporter: omar is the director of a nonprofit helping organize a walk tomorrow night to raise awareness about the
6:31 pm
problem. he says this is supposed to be a safe zone and prostitution is one business that has no business near schools. >> there has been incidents where they are right in front of the school or they get dropped in front or picked up. >> reporter: the entire stretch of south first street has seen prostitution activity since the 1980s in part because of the low cost hotels and the high traffic. nearby rocketship elementary school is also seeing an increase in hookers near campus. she collected comments from parents about what they have seen. now she is vowing to protect her first-grader and four other kids fighting to keep prostitution away from the playgrounds. parents say something needs to be done now because they fear that this increase in prostitution will lead to an increase in drug crimes in this neighborhood. in san jose, marianne favro, nbc
6:32 pm
bay area news. >> bringing in the reinforcements. antioch's police force will get a boost. the council approved hiring up to six non-sworn community service officers in addition to the 13 vacant sworn officer positions the city is working to fill. antioch has no community service officers to handle duties such as booking, fingerprinting and transporting people to county jails. for the sworn officers the department is down 37 officers to about 90 total. the new positions will be paid for by the reserve funds. >> police are still on the hunt for armed suspects who pulled a trigger during a shoot-out on 580. the two-mile stretch between castro valley, and center streets was shut down more than an hour last night while officers pursued the suspects. the suspects were in a maroon ford taurus. they ran away on foot. the other car involved managed to get away. it's unclear if any of the suspects were injured.
6:33 pm
>> health officials in san francisco report their first human case of west nile virus in the city since 2005. a san francisco man is recovering at home after he developed encephalitis, swelling of the brain. the health department says it's rare but it can occur in the elderly or people with compromised immune systems. there is no way to tell if he was bitten in the county. one dead bird shows that it is present in san francisco. >> we've sent out an alert, a health alert, to the physicians in san francisco, west nile virus is here, this is a season, we've had a case in san francisco, be on the lookout for somebody who comes in with symptoms of confusion, for example, ask where they have been. >> west nile is often transferred through mosquito bites. mild symptoms include fever and muscle aches, there have been
6:34 pm
165 cases in california and so far six people died. >> if a plane crashed into the water near the san francisco airport our first responders as rep prepared as they can be? they put their training to the test at the response facility. firefighters teamed up with police, sheriff deputies and the coast guard, also with paramedics to simulate how they could handle mutual aid. dozens of volunteers played the part as passengers. >> what today is about is getting it as close to the real event as possible. by having victims you'll see, made up to look like they have injuries we assess and treat. we try to make this simulation as real as possible so that we'll be more prepared in the event of a real incident such as this. >> exercises like this are a federal requirement and sfo conducts at least one full scale drill every year. >> more inflammatory words from iran's president today at the
6:35 pm
united nations. the united states and israel boycotted the speech from mahmoud ahmadinejad. he said iran is not afraid of strikes against his country's nuclear facilities, they can neutralize such attacks, he accused israel and the west of nuclear intimidation. >> translator: continued threats by the uncivilized zionist to resort on military action against our great nation is a clear example of this bitter reality. >> david cameron said pressure to stop iran's program should come from the united nations. benjamin netanyahu will address the united nations tomorrow. >> decision 2012. as the theory goes you can't get to the oval office without ohio. today it appears mitt romney is losing ground in ohio, the latest polls are not encouraging for romney. here is steve handelsman. >> reporter: he's wrapping up
6:36 pm
his bus tour of ohio a blue collar state that must win for mitt romney. >> there is dignity and honor and meaning in good hard work. >> reporter: despite romney's work here, many visits, ohio may be moving out of reach. even with the help today of ohio native jack nicklaus who says he has laid off workers from his golf business. >> we can't afford four more years like the last four. i can't. >> romney can't afford more polls like today. >> after he was caught on tape disparaging the 47% of americans who pay no federal income tax, who he said feel like victims, today's new york times cbs poll finds romney trailing president obama by 12 points in pennsylvania, by 9 in florida, trailing by 10 in ohio. fighting the perception by some voters he's out of touch. >> i've been across this country, my heartaches for the people i've seen.
6:37 pm
>> in his new ad romney looks at voters. >> president obama and i both care about poor and middle class families. my policies will make things better for them. >> barack obama was in ohio, too, talking less about his record and more about romney. >> i don't believe we can get very far with leaders who write off half the nation as a bunch of victims. >> the auto bailout helps the president here. ohio unemployment is 7.2%, better than most states. >> i need to you register to vote. i need you to start voting. six days from now on october 2nd. >> early voting, they started last friday in south dakota. i'm steve handelsman, nbc news, washington. >> still ahead at 6:00, a guy couple is filing a lawsuit over their engagement photo. we'll tell you why. >> i'm jeff ranieri in the weather center with hazy outside but you know, not too hot.
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you look toward tomorrow we'll see near 90 inland. temperatures are expected to reach near 100. this is a lot of food for 4 bucks.
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>> a gay couple is fighting back after their photo appeared in a political attack 2,000 miles away. this filed a lawsuit in denver today. here's the photograph. the group altered the photograph to show the two men kissing in a snowy colorado setting and used it in a political ad to attack a lawmaker who supports civil unions. they say the image that once
6:41 pm
represented their love now makes them cringe. >> this is a personal attack. it shows the sad reality no matter your age or how successful you have been there will always be those who feel entitled to take things you hold dear and use them for heinous purposes. >> here is the actual photo taken with the new york city skyline in the background and it was posted on edwards's personal blog. >> so i guess we're supposed to get our bathing suit and jacket ready. >> i know. you need just about everything with these micro climates. we have the fog rolling into san francisco but we're also going to talk about when this clears oud and we get near 100 degrees. >> coming up in sport as score alert from texas where the a's continue their october quest. things looking good so far for the green and gold. plus, suspended giants slugger melky cabrera will not return
6:42 pm
for the playoffs. the details next.
6:43 pm
>> from automated cars to under water maps. now google partnered with the sea view survey to provide hd
6:44 pm
images of coral reefs. in it you can see a sea turtle swim by, even experience the reef at sunset. the collection includes reefs in australia, the philippines and hawaii and is available for free through google maps street view feature. >> let's bring in jeff ranieri to guide us through this week as we inch toward the weekend. >> we're going to be warming up. today was warm out in a lot of the interior valleys. we did top out at 87 degrees. not quite record setting to get to that. we would have had to hit 103 or higher. the last time that happened it was back in 2009. however, we're going to get close to records in the next couple of days, especially saturday when we could hit 97 throughout parts of the east bay. get ready for summer sizzle. a huge contrast, if you're in ple pleasanton. we had 64 there now and go 10 to
6:45 pm
15 miles to the east, talking about a 20-degree jump so. the onshore flow is starting to win out and helping to drop numbers but livermore, you're one of the warmest. let's look outside new. we're going to get a few views in san jose, the haze is thick. high pressure aloft helping to compress a lot of the air that is relatively dirty in the south bay and the pollen increasing. no storm activity but it looks like it. in san francisco and it is a fog storm now. we have that same area of high pressure that's producing the haze in the south bay, compressing down the marine layer. that's why we could have airport delays tonight and maybe drizzle at the coast. the next 48 hours, this area of high pressure, this is the culprit for all of this wild and wacky weather. not only some hot air with high pressure but offshore winds that will drive a lot of our heat not only for the interior valleys but the coastline b. a three-day
6:46 pm
event for us as we head into friday, saturday and sunday. i'll bring a few 70s at the coast. sunshine by the afternoon. from 80 by the bay to 90s for the valley. the heat spiking up throughout friday. your hour by hour fog future cast, off coastline but by afternoon we're looking at a clearer and quicker burn-off of that fog than we had for today. therefore, temperatures warmer. 54 in los gatos and 54 in the almaden valley. highs on thursday similar here in the south bay with 84 in san jose. 89 gilroy, 86 in los gatos. for the east bay a few of you will be hotter. like well, livermore. 90 for you. 87 pleasanton. and 86 in dublin, 85 in the castro valley. so up a couple of degrees. not majorly hot thursday. low 80s santa rosa. 70s in san francisco.
6:47 pm
74 in oakland and 60s at the coast. on the three-day forecast, you'll notice by friday and saturday we're going to start to go up inland also at the coast, then as we head into sunday looks like the hottest day on the seven-day forecast. we'll be close to 100 degrees as the offshore winds set up. so may be a cool day like we have highlighted. fire danger will increase. we have a red flag fire warning. by next wednesday a few showers will be near or off shore. not putting the right icon on there yet but it may be our first fall rain. >> you ready for this? >> ready or not it's coming my way. >> i'm all keyed up. >> thank you. what's the real problem between the nfl and the locked out referees? apparently it's $5 million a year. a $5 million difference for the billion-dollar industry the nfl. doesn't seem like much. we look into the finances.
6:48 pm
here is sam brock with our reality check. >> the final play. loft in the end zone. >> the nfl replacement ref saga played out on a national stage monday when the refs botched a call that cost the packers a victory. fans are clamoring for the league to pay its officials and move on. the nfl raked in $9.3 billion last year, where'd that come from? it's a combination of things. massive tv contracts, to advertising and sponsorship deals and tingts and game day expenses. let's put this in the terms that any football fan could relate to. you know a football field is 100 yards in length. say this football field represents the 9 billion that the nfl made. the 5 milliony that are fighting over is represented by this sliver. less than two inches.
6:49 pm
how much can a referee make? one took in $8700 bucks a game, 140,000 to $150,000 a year. the nfl says it's offered a deal that would raise pay to $200,000 a year by 2018. >> you may think nfl referees should make $200,000 a year with a full pension or you might not. it's a subjective discussion. but our finances really driving the wedge between the league and its refs? the numbers suggest not likely. sam brock, nbc bay area. >> let's turn things over to henry who joins us live from the sport nets newsroom. talking about the giants. >> absolutely. a lot going on. the san francisco giants don't believe in crying over split milk. andrew broke the story that suspended outfielder melky cabrera will not be part of the
6:50 pm
san francisco giants postseason roster. the san francisco giants, they have this to say. carrera is disappointed with the club's decision but does not have plans to file a grievance. the official announcement won't come until tomorrow. buster posey continues to carry the giants. the catcher batting .354. he has been hot. our jamie explains why buster might get the nod for national league mvp. >> reporter: buster posey is one rbi shy of 100 for the season t third giant player since 1900 whose primary position is catcher to reach that. but it's not just about his offense. it's his defense and the way that he handled this pitching staff that makes him a true mvp in eyes of his teammates and coaches. >> look at the numbers. an unbelievable year.
6:51 pm
not to mention coming back from laughing last year, pretty amazing. >> to me, we're not in the situation, that's how valuable he is to us. >> you can see we lost him last year, we didn't get to the playoffs, we struggled at times. he gets back in the lineup, we're a contender and then we make the playoffs. >> the giants currently have tba listed for sunday's starter, that's normally tim lincecum's turn but bruce bochy says they are leaving it open for now in case they want to make tweaks. the rotation in anticipation of the playoffs. reporting from at&t park, nbc bay area news. >> to the a's and rangers. game three of a four-game set. top of the first, runner on second. going to keep on running. that's enough to get a triple.
6:52 pm
steven drew scores. later 2-0 a's. josh donaldson up the middle. josh hamilton lets the ball go under. two score. ma made it 4-0. right now it's 7-3, a's in the top of the fourth. to the san francisco 49ers, they are eager to prove their loss to the minnesota vikings was a fluke. the red and gold spent this week in youngstown, ohio preparing their body for sunday against the jets. jim harbaugh says his men are ready for action. >> they want to get back to work and make sure it doesn't happen again. that's the mind-set we have. we have every day. including today to work on that mind-set. in preparation for the game on sunday. >> three sacks in three games is not going to cut it in oakland. today the raiders signed defensive end andre carter, the
6:53 pm
former cal bear had 10 sacks on the patriots last year but he tore his left quadricep. he played five seasons with the san francisco 49ers. let's stay in oakland where coach mark jackson is ready for action. the warriors have their media day today. and training camp begins monday. mindy got an exclusive interview. >> win, lose or draw, you have to respect the leadership and the changes and the requests made. i asked the guys to be here, be here early if we're going to be the team we expect to be we need guys making an investment throughout the summer and they have stepped up to the challenge. >> earlier today mark jackson was asked if he would make a promise that the warriors would get to the postseason. he's not making promises like that this year. that will do it, raj and jessica. october, you have to love it
6:54 pm
we're going to be talking basketball, baseball and football all in the month of october. i love that time of year. >> great. hopefully the a's sneak in the playoffs as well. >> you can watch sports net central tonight at 10:30.
6:55 pm
6:56 pm
>> it's no hairy potter but fans could line up for the latest release tomorrow. 2 million copies of the adult
6:57 pm
novel the casual vacancy will hit shelves. compare those 2 million to the final harry potter novel which sold 11.5 million copies in 10 days in the united states. we'll see with this book. she kept the details under wraps. she did mention, though, that she might be willing to revisit harry potter in a new book only if she comes up with a fabulous idea. >> maybe mix the two. 50 shades of harry. >> interesting. >> all right. an idea. >> thanks for joining us. have a great evening.
6:58 pm
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